LANAP Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Portland
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The Best Way to Restore Gum Health in Portland

Quick Healing
LANAP is minimally invasive with less bleeding and less pain. Typical recovery time is less than 24-hours!

Minimal Discomfort
Most patients report virtually no pain after LANAP and take aspirin or ibuprofen to maintain comfort.

Reduced Inflammation
LANAP specifically targets unhealthy gum tissue without damaging healthy tissue.

Almost No Risk of Infection
This high-tech procedure has virtually no risk of infection and complications.

Regenerate Healthy Tissue
Not only does LANAP stop disease, it also promotes healthy bone and tissue growth!

Minimize Gum Recession
LANAP helps lower your risk of gum recession and removes no healthy tissue from your gums.

“My husband and I have gone to Blodgett Dental Care for 4 years. The care, skill, and attention to health and aesthetics is amazing. The staff is friendly and supportive, which also reflects highly on Dr. Blodgett. After less then satisfactory experiences with other dentists, Dr. Blodgett has succeeded in giving my husband a wonderful new smile. We are so pleased!”

– Jan J.

Learn More about the LANAP Procedure

LANAP is the high-tech gum disease treatment that not only stops gum disease, but also helps regrow healthy gum tissue and prevent gum recession.

How it works…

  1. Dr. Blodgett numbs the gums and takes measurements to assess your health.
  2. The PerioLase® MVP-7™ targets diseased tissue and removes bacteria below the gumline.
  3. Next, an ultrasonic instrument removes tartar from the root, stimulating bone healing.
  4. Dr. Blodgett will then expertly guide the laser across the gumline to seal the treated area with your own stable blood clot.
  5. Finally, Dr. Blodgett ensures your gum tissues is attached to the teeth by equalizing your bite forces.

Dr. Blodgett – Portland’s LANAP Expert

In 2004, Dr. Kelly J. Blodgett was proud to become the first LANAP-certified dentist in Portland.

Since then, Dr. Blodgett has helped hundreds of patients eliminate gum disease and get their gum health back on track without painful surgery.

As a recognized leader in minimally-invasive and holistic dentistry, Dr. Blodgett is passionate about high-tech, advanced dental treatments. He is dedicated to helping his patients take control of their dental and whole-body health.

Education & Awards

  • 2018 “Best Practice” dentist – recognized “Dental Pioneer”
  • 2006 Clinician of the Year Award from the World Congress of Minimally-Invasive Dentistry
  • LANAP and Pinhole Surgical Technique Certified Dentist
  • Graduate of University of Oregon
  • Graduate of OHSU School of Dentistry
  • Completed Residency at Portland VA Medical Center

“The best dental team in Portland! Do yourself a favor if you are looking for a dentist, come here! The whole crew is awesome from front to back, and the office is so clean and beautiful. They are always using new methods and technologies, plus they really care about their patients.”

– Alexandra C.

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