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Meet Portland’s most experienced LANAP-certified dentist. Dr. Blodgett is here to help you win the fight against gum disease.

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“Best experience I have ever had at a dentist’s office. Dr. Blodgett is extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. He dissipates the stress and anticipation one might feel at a dentist’s office with humor and compassion. Overall an amazing experience. Thank you to the entire team at Blodgett Dental Care.”

– Preeti Y.

Meet Dr. Blodgett

“You don’t have to live with gum disease. And you don’t have to settle for invasive surgical treatments. The LANAP procedure is a truly revolutionary treatment.

No scalpel. No stitches. Fast results. Finally, a solution for gum disease that won’t scare you away!

Gum disease is more than a dental health problem. Infections can enter the body through the mouth and contribute to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
Treat gum disease with the LANAP procedure. Your body will thank you!”

Dr. Blodgett is a native Oregonian who attended grade school through high school in Southwest Portland. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon and completed his pre-doctoral sciences at Portland State University. Dr. Blodgett attended the OHSU School of Dentistry and graduated in June of 1999 where he earned the “Going the Extra Mile” award from his own classmates.

Throughout his career, he’s become a recognized leader in minimally-invasive dentistry, dental lasers, computerized dental technology, and holistic care.

He has been featured in numerous dental journals, on television, and in magazines for the innovative care he provides. He is truly a modern pioneer in progressive dental care.

Dr. Blodgett and his wife, Julie, have been married since 1994 and have two beautiful daughters: Sara, born in 2002, and Megan, born in 2005. They reside in Southwest Portland, just up the hill from his high school alma mater, Wilson High School.

Awards, Accomplishments, Experience & Expertise

Graduate of University of Oregon and OHSU School of Dentistry

2006 Clinician of the Year, World Congress of Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

LANAP and Pinhole Surgical Technique Certified Dentist

2018 Recognized “Dental Pioneer” by Best Practice

“I have been seeing Dr. Blodgett for several years now. I just went in for one of my twice a year cleanings and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of care and the results I am experiencing, especially with my gums. Every time I leave Dr. Blodgett’s office I feel confident that I have received the very best dental care and advice to be found, period. It is so nice to finally have a dentist I feel I can trust and have confidence in. Thank all of you there so much!”

– Steve W.

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